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Pivotdancer has partnered with experts in their fields to present on topics important to dancers including foot care, pointe shoe fit, nutrition, mindfulness, injury prevention, challenges for teens and many others.

  • Dancer discussions

    2 videos

    Teachers and students discuss real stories of personal experience of becoming a performer and a teacher of performers.

  • Nutrition for Dancers

    3 videos

    Registered Dietician Sarah Power RD talks nutrition for dancers and easy to follow, user friendly instructions and recipes.

  • Stage Makeup Tutorial.

    1 video

    What happens when a professional makeup stylist and a professional ballerina get together to apply stage makeup? The best stage makeup tutorial (in our humble opinion!)

    Join Jessica Haisinger, Toronto based makeup stylist for TV and film and Rebekah Rimsay, Principal Character Artist for The N...

  • Spirals in Dance

    2 videos

    Dance instructor Barb Leese introduces the concept of "Spirals" in dance training in discussion with two dancers and a physiotherapist.
    With thanks to Performance School of Music and Dance for their studio space.

  • Pilates for Dancers

    1 video

    Tania Serrano, Pilates teacher and instructor trainer takes dancer Nathaniel Dolquist through a beginner mat Pilates class. Follow along for an introduction to Pilates and a great core workout! All you need is a small towel and a yoga mat if you have one.

  • The Foot in Dance.

    1 video

    Join physiotherapist Dinah Hampson in an introductory discussion about the anatomy of the foot and how it is used in dance. She will discuss some common problems encountered in dancers feet and some helpful tips and exercises to address them.